Maby the best way to Keep Your Blood Sugar In a Normal Range

April 3, 2010


  For a type one diabetic, it can be very hard to always keep your blood sugar in a normal level. Seriously, you do the correct thing, eat the correct food, take your medication and insulin on time, exercise regularly and your blood sugar can still be like an unpredictable, undependable friend that to some extent always says they have your back but at the last minute, they are no ware to be found. Imagine you could make your sugar level be more dependable Well, it’s possible. Just follow these simple tips and you’re once undependable friend, will become the best thing that ever happened to you after God. Soooo, how do we actually do this?

  First, we need to talk about probably the most under looked yet most important thing. It’s not your medication and it’s definitely not the multiple, possibly costly visits to your doctor, it’s exercise. For someone who has a busy life, exercise may be the last thing on your mind but really it’s the most affective thing that you can use to control your levels. Speak to your doctor about an exercise routine. I really can’t give one to you because what I do may be dangerous to you. Now that we’ve done that, we’ll talk about your diet. Talk to a registered dietitian to get the best possible diet plan tailored to your medication, insulin and your lifestyle. If your a type one diabetic, I’m sure that you’re on insulin. Do not ever change your insulin doses unless you have instructions to do so by your doctor and remember to always take your medication according to your doctor’s instructions. Now that we’re eating properly, exorcising and taking our insulin and medication as we are suppose to, lets talk about ingredient to stay away from in  foods and snacks.

  The dreaded Food Label.

“I just want a snack not an eighty page examination,” said the reader. “Yes but we are looking at keeping your blood sugar in a normal level, remember?”

These are the ingredients we should stay away from:

1. HFC (High fructose Corn Syrup,

2. Corn Syrup,

3. MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate,

4. Glucose,

5. AYDNAB (anything you don’t know about).

We are looking for snacks that are high in protein, low in sugar (5 G and under), low in calories (high calorie foods with little to low nutritional value will get you hungry faster must be high in fibre, and under 150 MG of sodium.

  Finally, testing your blood sugar. You should test your blood sugar before breakfast. I have personally gotten best readings when I am the least sleepy. I know this was allot to read but I know that if you follow these tips your blood sugar will improve.


This blog post is in no way a replacement to your doctors advise.

The first time you exercise, you may get a low reading.

Remarkable results may take a week or two. My HBA1C has never crossed 5.3%


New Channels From FLOW.

March 31, 2010

Hey thanks for visiting my blog. Did you hear about the changes flow are going to make to the analouge lineup?

  Yeh, it’s true. They are removing Tempo and replacing it with Mtv. The replacement channel for Mtv is a West Indies sport channel. Lifetime currently on channel 47, will be shifted to 64 and be replaced by a new Fox channel. I’m personally looking forward to the changes. Are you? Please leave all comments on the fanpage. Oh if you’re not a fan, please tgo to google and search

trinidad and tobago visit us and become a fan. Real good food youknow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.e

Virtual Box With Screen Readers

February 22, 2010

  Hellow readers, you are reading this blj
og because you are lurning about hardware virtualisation or having a hell of a time getting JAWS for Windows to work. If I am write, you’ve come to the correct place.
  First, let me tell you that according to my knowledge and as far as my patients allow, that jfw does not work in this application. There is an alternitave free of charge called NVDA (None Visual Desktop Access) download at:
   now that we’ve done that, unzip it to your flashdrive and start NVDA!!! You can do this by going to computer or my computer opening your flash, pressing the first letter of the folder that NVDA was extracted to and press N one time. After, press enter and it should start. Now the fun!
  Press the windows key and open virtual box. Play around in this window and i’m sure you’ll like what you find.

  My findings:
1. NVDA has a verry weird voice but don’t judge it buy that.
2. I personally think that it works well. I have actually changed the boot order on my Windows 7 VPC.
3. If you want any more information, please send an email to
  Until the next time, keep trying new stuff and making your friends say “WAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How On Earth Did You Do That?!!??!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello world!

February 22, 2010

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